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A game about painting with a cute dog.


Some images and themes may not be suitable for younger audiences or those easily disturbed. (probably) 

I made this game in three days as a way to understand rpgmaker vx ace, so I'm kind of wary on what mistakes that are still within! Otherwise enjoy!


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Pretty good, if short and simple. Considering your chosen name doesn't seem to affect any dialogue, I'm not sure why it's in there, unless it's for something not yet added (or for people like me who put in silly names for the hell of it).

I did, however, enjoy picking a ridiculous name before making each of my choices. At the end, I ended up with the incidental synergy of typing in "Mr Plinkett" and picking "Yellow", which was turned out way differently than I thought it would and was in-character. Horribly, disgustingly in-character.

"Oh nooo..."

Thanks for your feedback! As for the name input I am going to do something about that in a possible later update but it was initially to imitate child shows that ask for your name,pause and introduce themselves! I can understand though how it could be tedious,but I am glad you did enjoy the input just a bit.